Electrician apprenticeship schemes in the UK

rain to be an electrician through an apprenticeship scheme

How do I train to be an electrician through an apprenticeship scheme?

One of the best ways to train to become an electrician is via apprenticeship schemes. You will be trained up on the job by an already qualified electrician who will guide you every step of the way explaining everything in detail and offering you the chance to gain the skills that they have picked up with their years of experience. There really is no greater way to train and if you are lucky enough to be accepted on an apprenticeship scheme then grab it with both hands, chances like this are really valuable to you for your training. Not only will you be earning as you’re being trained up but you will be gaining all the practical skills required for the job and this will help you greatly when it comes to studying for your theory sections in the classroom. All you learn in the classroom can then be put into practice while you’re out and about working. Not everyone gets this fantastic opportunity, with their very own teacher on hand to guide them and you can ask them any questions you need the answers to and they will be more than happy to help. It really is up to you to get the most out of this opportunity, make the most out of it.

How long will it take to become qualified and will I be paid while I train?

An apprenticeship will usually take around 4 years all in all before you become fully qualified as an electrician. Not only will you be working on the job and studying in the classroom on your electrician courses, but you’ll also be working with tradesmen, construction workers and also suppliers and just think in the future once you qualify these people might be of great help to you in getting full time work.

Apprentices are paid £90.00 a week and quite often you’ll find it’s more than this amount, and once your apprenticeship ends you will become fully qualified as an electrician and would have gained your NVQ Level 3.

Do I need qualifications before I can start as an apprentice?

You don’t require any qualifications to become an apprentice, however one thing to consider is that if you’re over the age of 25 you find it a struggle to get on an apprenticeship scheme, it doesn’t mean you won’t be accepted, so it’s still worth a go but just remember that it’s sometimes the case.

Another thing to consider is that competition is very high indeed, so many people who want to enter into the construction industry want to get on an apprenticeship scheme and there are a limited amount of spaces available each year.

You could try ringing up local electricians and ask if they are planning on taking apprentices on in the next year and if they’re not they could offer you advice on where you should go next and you never know they may know of another company who are planning on taking on, so it really is worth a go, you have nothing to lose.

For more information on apprenticeships you could go to the government s web page where there will be an apprenticeship help line where you will learn more about how to apply to become an apprentice and also lots of great information and advice that you’ll find of great use.

You can find out more about electrician courses and qualifications here City & Guilds,  www.electrician-courses.info, or www.eal.org.uk.

Closing Comments

Well that’s about all from me, I really hope I’ve given you enough information on how to become an apprentice, it really is a fantastic route into this exciting industry, just remember keep on trying, ring around and keep on asking companies if they are willing to take you on, it really will be worthwhile if you are lucky enough to be accepted. You really will have a head start on others wanting to become electricians. So good luck with your new and exciting career!


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