How to Develop your Electrician Career

How can I grow my career?

electrical careers in the UKElectricians are often much more successful when they are fully qualified because individuals will more likely contact a fully qualified electrician than an electrician without their qualifications. If you are just beginning your electrician career in the UK, try and search for an apprenticeship while you are studying because you will be able to complete your NVQ quicker. Once you complete your National Vocation Qualification you can start the AM2 (Achievement Measurement no.2) which is the final assessment to become a fully qualified electrician. The AM2 is basically a practical exam where an assessor watches you complete electrical tasks at a testing centre.

There are other routes you can take to start your electrician career which include going to college or a learning centre to obtain your Diploma. People who choose this route have often failed to find an apprenticeship. Electrician apprenticeships are hard to come by which makes it much easier if you know someone in the business. Employers are turned off by the fact they have to pay an inexperienced person. Also, they struggle to accommodate for all the tasks required to be completed by an apprentice for their NVQ.

The drawback of not finding an apprenticeship is that it will take longer to get fully qualified. This is because once you finish your Level 2 and 3 Diploma, you will have to find a job before you start completing your NVQ and then complete the AM2 so you are recognised as a fully qualified electrician. However, the advantage of this route is that you can gain industry recognised qualifications without having to complete the NVQ.

The following qualifications from the framework set by the Sector Skills Council need to be completed so you can become a fully qualified electrician in the UK.

  • City & Guilds 2357 (including AM2)
  • English Functional Skills Level 2
  • Maths Functional Skills Level 2
  • ICT Functional Skills Level 2
  • Personal Learning and Thinking Skills
  • Employers Rights and Responsibilities

Why should I complete the AM2?

The Achievement and Measure no.2 assessment is the final task before you are recognised as a fully qualified electrician. You will look much more attractive to employers if you are fully qualified or you should see an increase in your business’ customer base. As a result, you will see your salary increase or the profits of your business to increase.

A fully qualified electrician can undertake all kinds of work whether it is agricultural, commercial, domestic or industrial. The benefit of being able to work in a variety of environments is that you will take a greater interest in your career because you aren’t doing the same things every day. Not only will obtaining all your electrician qualifications reward you financially but will boost your confidence at work because you will feel safer due to your extensive knowledge, developed skills and experience in the industry.

It is estimated that the demand for electricians in the UK will increase significantly over the next 10 years so improving your qualifications will give you a competitive edge over other electricians or businesses.

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