Sash Windows their History and their Advantages

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Sash windows have been around for over 200 years and we absolutely love them, they are very popular with homes old and new. However if you’re choosing sash windows for period properties then you have to be careful that you choose the right style for your home’s period, as there have been many changes regarding style over the years.

There are many different designs of sash windows including the Venetian which included a central sliding sash and two fixed side panes. There is also the Queen Ann Revival style where there were several panes in the upper sash and in the lower sash there was only one or two. In The Regency and Gothic revival periods where the sashes were sometimes arched rather than rectangular and in certain places they used horizontal sliding sashes.

Some renovators make big mistakes when it comes to removing the original wooden sashes and replace them with the newer types. This is a big mistake as you could simply restore the old timber sashes back to their former glory and they would look beautiful. If it’s possible any existing sashes you have should be repaired and also be waterproofed. However if you know that your sash windows are beyond being restored then don’t worry there are many great companies out there who will make authentic replacements for you.

If you are living in a conservation Area or a listed building or are a traditionalist then you should try and get genuine timber sash windows. You just won’t get the look you desire with plastic. Timber is so much more durable and is also an excellent insulator so you’ll have great insulation and if the timber is looked after really well it will last for hundreds of years.

A lot of people think that timber windows are high maintenance but this is a myth, there are modern finishes that are available, you can get them in any stain or colour you can imagine and they won’t require hardly any maintenance. They really don’t need much just some periodic maintenance like checking for cracks, decay or flaky paintwork.

As a substitute for painted wood, uPVC sash window is sometimes used, this is mostly seen in white but you can get it in a wide range of colours and finishes. These include Photo effect wood finishes you’ll find this is low maintenance and is energy efficient, however it cannot unfortunately be recycled it’s also much cheaper than timber which can be as much as 40% more expensive than plastic.

Plastic windows are opposed by many people including conservationists however if you do go for quality ones they are hard wearing but be careful as they can be harder to repair.

So as you can see there are many things to think about before you choose sash windows but if you do get it right the look of your home will be outstanding!

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